Frequently asked questions:

What is a Bitcoin?

Good question. See for more information.

What does Cloud Mining mean?

Investments in cloud mining of Bitcoins are the most reasonable thing in the preservation and enhancement of your kriptocurrency savings. In a nutshell - it is simple mining of Bitcoins, frees you from the costs of electricity, hour control, software, and other costs associated with the classical mining.

What does the general and work balance mean?

After registration you will need to go to the tab to fill up balance. After replenishing your balance you will automatically acquire KH. Funds, that accumulated in the process of mining, will indicate in the balance sheet. Every 12 hours resourses of your working balance will be transferred to the general. From the general balance, you can make a withdrawal.

There is no letter by Email after requesting for recovery, what to do?

Check whether the entered E-mail address is correct. Check the "Spam" folder. Check your mailbox, maybe incoming messages from postal services are forbidden. Sometimes Russian postal services can not receive messages. If it doesn't help you, contact us.

Why do you need a PIN?

PIN - (Personal Identification Number) is necessary in order to protect your money from their unauthorized use. PIN is displayed in the office during registration. Nobody do not provide your PIN, try to remember it. If your PIN has been lost yet, contact our support team, you will help to restore it.

How long to wait for the payment?

Payments are made to the purse, filled in the profile and are made within 12 hours. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.003 BTC. If within 12 hours payment had not been made, you can contact us.

I filled up the balance, but why the amount did not come?

During replenish the balance, the money will automatically be transferred to the KH.

I can not log in to your account to do that?

Check whether you correctly enter the authorization data. If the information is correct but the sign still can not at the entrance, click Forgot your password and try to regain access. But keep in mind that you should have access to your E-mail address which you registered your account, otherwise we can not help you in any way.

Why charging referral doesn't come?

Consider that after the registration of referrals we give you bonus 10Kh, but you won't get referral amonts. Referral amount wii be charged only after the acquisition of KH your referral.

What will happen after the expiry of the annual package?

If you purchased a certain speed, and during the year did not purchase another one, your mining will stop.

I forgot my PIN. What to do?

If you have forgotten your PIN, try to restore it by clicking on the Forgot PIN. We will send a letter with further instructions to your E-mail.

Can I use multiple accounts?

No. We forbid our clients to use multiple accounts.